Sigh, I heard that the daughter of the lady who cleans our office is getting her dental surgery done for nothing. She had my boss sign a form which says she's never worked with her mom in the office so her medical card will pay for it. How a healthy 19-year-old plus her younger sister and mother are all on free health ins. is beyond me. My boss signed the form when it was a lie b/c the mom went hysterical. He had to know it was a lie b/c he was the one told the welfare agent in the first place that the family cleaned the office.

It makes me angry I'm probably going to need dental surgery and can't get any kind of financial assistance other than food stamps even though I meet poverty guidelines. I work my (*& off in jobs I hate and it gets me nowhere when these people for whatever reason get free rides. How is this woman getting welfare when the only minor child she has is 17? None of them have disabilities that I know of. I was told the only way in this state to get help with health ins. is to have a baby or be permanently disabled. The 19-year-old in question worked at Rally's for months and mysteriously quit before the dental issue came up - the reason was her eyes bothered her and she couldn't read the orders well enough. She can see well enough to drive and clean our office. Our system is so ridiculous.