Hi I am from Europe (Germany). I would check if there is a "DM" market anywhere. It is kinda like a Walgreens.

I recommend:

ALVERDE Birke-Salbei Conditioner as co-wash
BALEA Aprikose Conditioner als Conditioner or leave in.

Have fun in Europe!

Oh and basically in Europe, the cheap stuff is without cones, the more expensive, the worse the ingredients...
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What's DM stand for? Do they have an online shop?
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I live in Budapest, Hungary, and we have DM (Rossmann too) over here too. It stands for Drogerie Markt by the way, and they do not have an online shop, but you can find them at pretty much every mall, etc. The Alverde & Balea stuff is pretty great, yes. Those are DM's own brands. It's all organic, as far as I know. As for styling products and such, I personally haven't had ANY luck yet ( I order my LA Looks Gels from amazon.co.uk marketplace), and I've tried basically every gel they have over here. IDK. But I agree with GermanCurls, the expensive stuff is always full of cones, and usually the cheap ones are free of them!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, as I know for a fact Hungary gets pretty much the same beauty/hair products as Germany, Austria, etc. Sometimes I wish I lived in the UK though, they have Boots and Superdrug and other great stores, and it's much easier to get hold of REAL good, curly-friendly organic products there. Have a great trip!

3b/3c, fine hair
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detangler: garnier naturals avocado & shea butter con.
co-wash: MOP hydrating con. / CURLS coconut sublime con.
leave-in: garnier fructis con. with avocado & olive oil
styling: la looks mega mega gel (#9) or la looks sports gel (#10), both scrunched with fantasia IC hair polisher gel
moisturizer: CURLS quenched curls, coconut oil
deep treatment (protein DT): yogurt (or banana baby food), baking soda, olive oil, honey, liquid amino acids