I've got a ton of bath, beauty, and hair stuff I need to use up. I spent all day yesterday cleaning my room and organizing my bathroom over flow. I have more bodywash, conditioner, and body butter than the law allows for. I've started using conditioners that don't work to shave with, so that's using them up faster since it's the summer. I also use conditioner to help wash out my makeup brushes (works great btw). You can also use conditioner in much the same way that you use the Olay inshower lotion (put it on and rinse off) and it leaves you moisturized without being greasy.

Used up (this week past)

PBN capcacu butter
PBN Mumuru butter lotion
Alba Leave in

Working on

Enso Milk and honey hydrating cream
Enso Marshmellow root twisting pudding
Enso Deep conditioner
AO HSR conditioner
Shea Moisture Original Leave in

Hopefully I'll have used these all up by the end of the week.
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