Ok, I did the kit linked to above.

Here are my steps.
1. applied neutral protein filler to towel dried hair per instructions
2. applied base color and left for 15 min
3. rinsed out and conditioned with regular RO
4. diffused until dry
5. applied highlight paste. This was not "easy" as they say. I could have used help, but my 15 yo son said it would threaten his man-hood. lol. The finger tip applicator left most of the product on the strand wherever you started to apply and didn't pull all the way down to the end. The brush applicator (which looks like the old nipple cleaning brushes from when my kiddos were little) took my hair right out from my head. I ended up just using my fingers and working the way down my strand. I left on 15 min from when I finished.
6. Rinsed out and did a DT with my regular condish and honey. My hair feels fine, not dry at all. A bit fluffy though.

I don't mind the results, but would do a few things differently next time.

1. put neutral protein filler in the hair color (optional instructions on the npf bottle) My crown has a few small spots of gray that still show. I think because there was damp hair to begin with that the color didn't take as much as it should.
2. for highlights...get help and get a color applicator brush from Sally's and try to do it as a foil instead. I also would start from top down instead of bottom up. I started at the bottom to get the hang of it this time but had a heck of a time working with my fluffy-no-styler-added hair.

All in all, its OK. The highlights are a butterscotch color and not so drastic as previous highlights I have had.
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2a (nc.com), 2a/2bFii (fia), normal porosity

Cowash:TN Radiant Volume
RO TN Moisturizing .
Styling products:AVG, Ecostyler Crystal
Styling Methods: Pixie-style diffusing - total fav
Low-poo: AO Nourishing Lavender


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