I'll try to describe what's going on with my curls at the back of my head today.

when I do a mirror check of the back of my head, I have what looks like long skinny 'ropey' looking curls that from a distance look pretty stringy and not too nice. Up close though, they are actually curls that start right up at my scalp and wind tightly in a very small diameter (drinking straw size) and make tight long shiny tubes. They kind of remind me of worms...so what's going on here? Ususally my hair at the back is like medium loose s-curls but yesterday after using Repair Me, I got the 'shiny worms'...

here's what I mean but a lot smaller in diameter: This is borrowed from the gallery _ this is not me!

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They look beautiful! In the Curly Girl Book, Botticelli Curls are described as "Ropie" and about the diameter of sidewalk chalk. That is what they look like to me.
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Ah, so that's what they are, "ropies" I have mostly tight 3 b/c ringlets (esp. this time of year) with about 2 face framing 3 a pieces, but I have 2 of these long "ropies" in the back, and I always think they look wierd-especially when I need to get my roots done b/c they curl in a ways that exposes more of my undergrowth!
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