Italiangermanmix and curlylicious, thank you for the complements!

I live in Australia, so I was unable to find pretty much any of the products I've read about on the threads, but I went to a store (priceline) and spent a whole lot of time choosing products, reading the ingredients list and asking for assistance. I ended up choosing a protein conditioner called 'Sukin'- which clearly states on the packaging that it's free of sulphates and a whole lot of other things. And as a leave-in I used the 'Al'chemy' brand. However, both of these products are apparently Australian made, so I'm unsure if you'd be able to find them overseas. I basically just chose products based on the ingredient list, trying to avoid the -cone, -conol, and -xane.

Thank you again!
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I kinda have the same problem, 'cause I'm living in germany and can't find most of the used products myself...and I'm still looking for the perfect mix of products...
but maybe my curls will get better after todays haircut,'cause I finally found a hairstylist who knows how to treat curly hair, I'm pretty excited

do you had a special haircut Celladoor?