I just brought a Tangle Teezer last week after debating on it for a long time. When I first saw it I thought no way was this thing gona work so I kept brushing it off, and it looked like it was going to be awkward and uncomfortable to hold.

So I've been searching for tools that are going to be more gentle on my hair because I have "holes" more so at my ends and a few splits which I've been assuming has been coming mostly from the comb. I've only use it once but I'm liking it so far. I didn't hear and snapping cracking just that weird sound it (the TT) makes. And unlike a comb or a Deman it didn't feel like my hair was being pulled at the root I only felt tension in the tangled area, if that makes sense. But that made me very happy. Like a few girls have mention it keeps my hair from re tangling. This TT almost makes me like detangling.

I'm definitely going back for the hot pink one as a back up.