Hey lmfao ur funny man that was directed to me lol summers going good I finally for the first time got in the studio and recorded a track and I'm getting alot positive feedback(imma be famous)but for my hair yes I cut another inch off lol so I'm finally leaving it at this length(2inch)and I'll post pics later but I want to get better curl products that help my curls have a softer hold.I don't mind emptying my pockets. I did happen to find some curl and shine conditioner from garner frutic which was taken off the shelf a while back because of sells and hoping it good cause I'm a PJ and I just want something my hair will like then I can recommend some products to you guys lol!
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I love to sing! I want to audition for American Idol. It might be coming to Savannah or Charleston I'm so happy! Keep pursuing your singing career dude! Why don't you just keep growing your hair out? Why leave it at 2 inches?
Conditioner: Axe: Just Soft Conditioner

Shampoo: Taliah Waajid - Total Body Shampoo

Styling Product - Axe: Style and Shine
& Ampro Styl Gel

Hair Type: 4a

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