Today I wanted to do a SMT (Snowy's Moisture Treatment from LHC), which calls for 1 part conditioner + 1/4 part Aloe Vera + 1/4 part honey, and a tablespoon of oil - but I was without Aloe Vera, so I decided to tweak it a little.

I also wanted to use molasses instead of honey b/c I don't want my hair to lighten, I want to get the brassiness out.

Okay, so I used Suave Naturals Cucumber Melon conditioner, a tablespoon of Olive Oil, and a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup. Okay, I didn't have molasses either, so I improvised.

I left it on for about two hours - I can't BELIEVE how soft and shiny my hair is. And when I say shiny, I mean SHINY - and that's without the Aloe! I'm so excited. I was getting ready to color again, but now I think I'll wait.

I can't wait to pick up some actual molasses and AV and try it again the right way!
~ the artist formerly known as babywavy ~

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