Republican's ideology benefits women the same way it benefits men.
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I agree with you, as Republican ideology is a compete sham, their actual agenda is to best serve the rich and powerful. The ideological aspects benefit neither the common man nor woman.

It's the con of the century, getting people to vote repeatedly against their own best interests.
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I agree 100% It always amazes me that small farmers and rural folk tend to vote Republican. They somehow think that Democrat=big government and Republican=support of small business. And while this isn't untrue per se, it is far more complex than this. Republicans don't really care about the small farmer, they are in reality in bed with the large oil companies and Agrabuisiness (like ConAgra). Not to mention that many deny global warming and refuse to invest in alternative energy (again see link to oil companies) that would benefit the farmer (as in we need natural resources to grow food).

Ever since Reagan realized the political power of the religious right the Republicans have appealed to constituents strictly on a religious basis (again, the moral majority).

In terms of women's issues, the Republicans' latest attack on Planned Parenthood can be seen not in terms of abortion rights (as govt. funds were already prohibited from being used for that purpose), but as an attack on women's healthcare in general, and especially women who are struggling to make ends meat, as more and more of us are in this economy. Women that the Republicans would probably demonize as being all on wellfare w/ 10 kids and living in the ghetto, when in reality myself as a struggling graduate student who can not afford independent health insurance rely on the services provided at a reasonble cost by PP. A PhD candidate hardly fits the Republicans' stereotype.
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