first: me today after putting kinky curly in last night..and then playing in it… will be doing my hair again tonight…cuz i used way too much custard. plus, i was fiddling with it and it's a mess lol.

second: yesterday i used aussie moist as my rinse-out, suave naturals juicy green apple as my leave-in and my queen helene gel…i didn't like it… ooh, that humidity

i'm going to be dying it soon…not sure what color though. can't wait til my hair grows! this length is not doing it for me.
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last relaxer: june 2010. bc: october 2010.
properties: mix of 3 & 4, high density!!, medium-coarse, protein sensitive, low-normal porosity, cottony, daughter S
hair likes: garnier pure clean conditioner, v05, water & olive oil...that's literally it. so far...
four fat braids every night; moisturize or spray w/ water, seal w/ EVOO every other night.