I have just begun my natural hair journey a few months ago and I've decided I want to grow my hair out as long as I possibly can, preferably to waist length. I have mostly 3c hair with some 4a and a tiny bit of 3b right at the nape of my neck. But the hair right at the top/crown of my head has no curl at all, just a slight wave.(I'll post pictures soon) I'm thinking that once my hair reaches a certain length, even those wavy pieces will curl on the ends. I can already see this happening of a couple.

I'm taking much better care of my hair now than I ever did when still relaxed, so I know with time it will be longer than it has ever been before. My question is, do you ladies think it's possible to grow my hair to my goal length? I haven't really seen any 3cs with waist length hair that I know of. Do any of you have waist length?

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