I wish you good luck on that journey! It's going to take a while... like a lonnng long long while.. years, in fact. So you must have patience above all.

Teri from tightlycurly.com has waist length hair now, but it took her around 7-8 years to get there.

I was reaching for BSL back in 2008, thinking I would get there in two years. I got to shoulder length in two years, so I figure I need to triple or quadruple the wait time to get to waist length.

You and I have about the same hair lenght now, and I'm planning on growing out again for the 5498065987th time, so I will join ya if you want a partner.

ETA: I almost forgot about this lovely lady CelinaStarr..
http://members.fotki.com/CelinaStarr/about/ <-- closed sorry

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