I wish you good luck on that journey! It's going to take a while... like a lonnng long long while.. years, in fact. So you must have patience above all.

Teri from tightlycurly.com has waist length hair now, but it took her around 7-8 years to get there.

I was reaching for BSL back in 2008, thinking I would get there in two years. I got to shoulder length in two years, so I figure I need to triple or quadruple the wait time to get to waist length.

You and I have about the same hair lenght now, and I'm planning on growing out again for the 5498065987th time, so I will join ya if you want a partner.

ETA: I almost forgot about this lovely lady CelinaStarr..
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Originally Posted by BekkaPoo
I would LOVE a grow out partner! That would be so great! I think Terri LaFelsh's hair is gorgeous. But, call me crazy, I don't think it will take me as long as it took her to reach waist length. From what I have seen of her, she is of about average height, whereas I am much much much shorter. 4'9 to be exact. Woe is me, to be 20 years old and under 5 ft tall. But that's ok. I think my height will actually be a good thing when it comes to growing my hair out, simply because there isn't as much length from the top of my head to my waist as there is on most women my age.

I'm just going to keep my healthy hair practices up and hopefully within like 5-6 years my hair will be waist length. Till then, my goal is mid back. Good luck on your grow out journey! Do you have any current pics of your hair??

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