You guys both have a point there! Soon after I started CG, I was in a certain beauty store looking for either some clips or something, and the girl at the counter had some seriously fried hair. So when she suddenly asked me if my hair was naturally curly, I jumped at the chance to tell her about (this was before I had those cool Curl Ambassador cards). I wrote down the url for her even though she told me she didn't really have access to the internet, but she was so in awe that there was a website like this.

Well, of course I had been wondering if she ever found her way on here, but I think my question was answered when I saw her again about a week ago. I know she didn't recognize me and I wasn't about to ask her if she had been able to visit the site because I didn't want it to seem like I was hounding her or anything. But I was so dying to give her one of the Curl Ambassador cards because her poor curly hair looked even more fried. I kept envisioning what it would look like after a good dose of Too Shea or One Condition and styling it with some RR or the like!

Sometimes when I hear an employee at one of those places recommending something I know could potentially be bad news for your hair, I find myself kind of gritting my teeth and screaming inside 'for the love of your hair, don't do it!'. But of course I keep it to myself.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07