Sorry if this is considered a thread hijack, but this is right up my alley at the moment.
Curlypearl, I also have white that I color. I only do the roots each time, and use different methods to deal with color fading on the lengths (every few colorings, I put color on lengths the last 5 minutes; I also use a semi-perm, the kind you don't have to mix, for 5 minutes every 3 to 5 days in between root colorings). I am just now figuring out that I need protein, I was always afraid of it in the past because everyone said it fades color. My question is: how often you have to do your roots? And, also: do you ever do protein treatments any time besides just before coloring? I ask because my hair grows very fast, it's dark brown, and the roots are WHITE, so I must color every two-three weeks.
One more question; why is better to deep condition/moisturize AFTER the protein? For some reason, my logic tells me that I should get moisture in first, then "seal the holes" with protein. Why is this wrong?

Also, I recently switched from permanent color (was using Perfect 10 for a long time, but it was actually too fast!) to Ion Demi-permanent color from Sally's. This colors my very resistant white hair very very well and does not seem to fade much if any. I use the Ion semi-perm for my in-between times to fight fading.

Thanks so much!
2b, high porosity (due to hair coloring),medium-to-coarse, not sure about elasticity, dry, weak wave pattern, prone to halo/crown frizz.

Doing the no-poo for now...
No-poo: EO coconut conditioner
LI: dab of EO coconut conditioner & Aveeno leave-in treatment
Curl enhancers/gel: CCCCL, FSG and CIAB
EVCO as shine serum
PT/DT: trying various combos

Methods/techniques: variations of icequeen and supersoaking, sometimes pixie diffuse, sometimes plop, but still looking for the magic combo.