Have I mentioned y'all rock? Cause ya do. We got here this past Tuesday (the 14th) and after we found a hotel and got checked in I passed out. Ever since then we've been out pounding the pavement trying our best to find a place. To say we're not having any luck is an understatement. I thought I had a lead earlier today on a place about 5 minutes from DH's work only to call and be told no pets even though it wasn't in the listing. The population of the town where DH will be working is 350 people so the rental market isn't exactly hot there and the closest commuting towns are a 45-60 minute drive away and even those areas are slim pickin's.

And to top it all off some guy on a very winding country road today passed us them slammed hard on his brakes in front of us twice while flipping us off almost throwing the dog into the floorboard. We weren't meandering and at some points were doing more than the speed limit so I have no idea what crawled up his ass, but DH was so insanely mad he said "This is why I don't carry a gun" and was ready to beat the guy to a pulp. I was pretty upset about it too because it was super scary. I was terrified he was going to stop completely and get out of his truck and do who knows what.

So on top of an already stressful day that guy pulled his antics and I'm just...done..for today.

We do have an open house to go to Saturday for a rental, but that leads me to believe they've had so much interest we'll have to compete for it. So, any curly vibes you can send this girls way would be much appreciated.

I know things will improve, but my WORD my mental state is shot!

Hopefully I'll have an update soon that we've found a place and are no longer living in a hotel (that could really be cleaner..really, wtf are the housekeepers getting paid for here? ).

I've finally got my laptop back out after using the iPad for so long so I'll be able to post a few pics from the trip, albeit a little late in the game.

If you made it this far reading all this rambling, bless you. Y'all help keep my spirits up more than you know checking in on me.

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