Aw Spring, I'm sorry youre having such a hard time out here so far. I will keep my eyes out for rentals and let you know if I find anything. PM me if I can help at all, even if you just need a rec for a restaurant or something. Hang in there!

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Thank you so much! It's strangely comforting that I "know" someone so close by. I've mentioned you to DH and we were riding around Petaluma Wednesday and came across the letter streets area and I told him about your email with the area info. in it. And yes please, if you spot something or hear of anything let me know.

We finally went to Trader Joe's today and picked up a few things to cook at the hotel, but I'll definitely be looking for some restaurant rec's at some point. We got a fantastic (albeit super damn expensive) sandwich at Bianchini's on McDowell Blvd the other day and I don't know if it was just because we were starving or what, but my word it was tasty. We're staying in San Rafael and haven't really found anything great here.

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