So glad to hear you made it! Am sending T's and P's for you guys. Please let us know how the World Champion of Wiener Dog Races is doing when you get a chance.
Originally Posted by kasden
Calvin is doing pretty darn good considering how stressed he gets with change. He's sort of changed up his eating habits and takes to hiding under the bed from time to time, but he seems to be doing ok. He even went into his crate THREE times all on his own!! I am still having a heart attack over that.

Thank you for the well wishes!
Originally Posted by spring1onu
Poor guy, it's probably familiar and safe.

I'm sorry you were greeted to the area by such idiots.

But YAY, you're here! Safely! Whee! All the best curly vibes going out for you to find the perfect place, and quickly!

I wish I had more info on that area for you.

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