I always wanted to try their conditioner and they have great prices on beer and wine
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I use their conditioner and love it! DH is thrilled the TJ's here sells wine because in CT they couldn't. If you want me to mail you some conditioner after we get settled I'd be glad to, just say the word!

I will be thinking of you all saturday and hoping that the landlord is BLOWN AWAY by your great curls and wants you to rent.
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I am going to be channeling this good vibe. If they don't know the goodness of of a curly haired tenant I don't need 'em.

But YAY, you're here! Safely! Whee! All the best curly vibes going out for you to find the perfect place, and quickly!

I wish I had more info on that area for you.
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Seriously, the good vibes are more than enough and more helpful than y'all will ever know.

Jaynee PM'd me a fantastic tour-guide-esque message with some Craig's List links of places to check out, some of which I hadn't seen. I've spent so many hours scouring things that it's all beginning to blend together.

I'm making a list right now of addresses for us to ride by and check out tomorrow.

I've really got my fingers crossed for the open house 2 minutes from DH's work on Saturday. I really hate the thought of him having to drive an hour one way every single day to work, but it may be unavoidable.

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