Thank you, Jess!!

A few pictures taken along the way. I regret I didn't get any of the neat stuff we saw like the dinosaur on the side of the interstate and some other weird-o things. You'll see from the first picture why it was hard to pull over quickly. You can't back up at ALL when using a tow dolly so we always had to be careful where we pulled into.

Our first day on the road! Had to stop for an iced coffee at McDonalds.

Windmill farm, I forget what state.

We saw a lot of these going in the opposite direction and I kept having a fit over them "I wish I could get a picture!!" and finally we came upon one. This is one propeller for the windmill!

It was hard to get a good picture of him in a bumpy truck, but this was Calvin's nest for 3000 miles.

The wind, oh the damn wind. It plagued me for three days and here I am in Wyoming. I swear I was blinded by hair for three days and almost got blown over into the side of the truck the gusts were so strong the whole time. It was crazy wicked wind!

Mmmmmm...Mexican for dinner somewhere in Utah I think.

Ah-HA!! Proof that I do indeed own a different shirt! Bonneville salt flats, we walked on them and Jason had to taste it to make sure it indeed was salty. Weirdo.

Squint and you can see our micro-machine parked amidst the big boys. Jason climbed a major steep hill to take this shot and you bet your butt I sat in the truck. Someone had to stay with Calvin, right?

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