Oh my! Thanks for mentioning the actual location, it never even occurred to me to check! Fredrick is right there lol. Might be a nice afternoon trip for the family I love that area.[/QUOTE]

Yep, it's a cute area....like downtown Westminster or Ellicott City.
Downtown Frederick Partnership

So...maybe I didn't need a detox as badly as I thought. I washed three times yesterday, then again three times today. By the end of my third wash today, my hair felt like it was about to be stripped, so I won't be washing two times tomorrow as the directions recommend. Even though the directions say not to use anything else, I used some AOHSR as a leave-in. I figured that since it's all good stuff, that I wouldn't be hurting anything.
Hair characteristics: 4a/b, thick, coarse, low porosity

poo- ACV rinse and Rhassoul clay
cowash/leave-in- AO conditioners, KCKT, and TJ conditioners
dc- BASK conditioners
moisture- BASK Honey Latte
styler- flaxseed gel