Are these two strand twists or three strand twists that unravel?
If you haven't tried them here is a tutorial on how to do it, YouTube - ‪Three Strand Twist Tutorial‬‏
3c or OS, fine, spongy,SL
Routine and Products:
Henna (mo.) under steamer
Jessicurl WDT (wk.) under steamer
Granier Fructis Shampoo (mo. post henna)
Vo5 Vanilla Tea Rinsing Conditioner,
Jessicurl Too Shea, and Confident Coils (post WDT)
KCCC styler only on wet hair
Banding with silk scrunchies (nightly)
JBCO Sealer

My goodness, I just realized I am a PJ
Still learning in the mile high and dry CO,USA