Been off boards for a month been so busy so hello again everyone.

Anyway, on thursday I had my usual clear dye and this time I decided to have a blow fry for a treat.

I expected it to look awful because my hair had felt horrible since I got preggie again, but the result was amazing and my hair was so sleek and shiny.

I was really suprised and loved it, havent seen my hair like this forever.
I knew that just looking at a cloud would make it frizz up but thought I'd enjoy it while it lasted, since then I've been swimming and had two scorching baths, and it still looks nice.

Its been so much easier for me and I dont need to mess about with it at all.
I also think I look better but please tell me what you think I need help deciding.
I was thinking of braiding it overnight for some pretty waves what do you think???

Pics in fotki, please excuse uglyness I've had flu for two weeks and look gross.
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