Hard to say without knowing what the hair looks or feels like, but i would make sure you had the following in your stash, if you you want to make some investments:

A great moisturizer-I have kinky coils that tend to be dry, like the following and any combination of the these:
qhemets honey and olive hydrating balm
qhemets detangling ghee
my own shea mixture

A good cleansing product- something that doesnt strip is key. I am assuming you know all about the non-sulfate methods (cg, modified cg yada,yada) I like following

Kinky Curly's Come Clean shampoo
Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Conditioner (for co-wash)

A great conditioner-I think this is just as critical as the moisturizer. I use

my own shea mixture( while sitting under steamer)
Aphoghee 2 Step Keratin treatment- but only when neccssary.

Hope this helps.
"We Live From the Head Down and Not the Feet Up" ~Donnie