Thank you so much for doing this. It is very helpful. Do you have any tips on what i can do to help stop my hair from falling out so much? I shed like crazy. I started taking a vitamin B complex and biotin to help with my hair, but no mater what im dong or where i am my hair just falls out everywhere. I'm a very healthy person, so i know im not sick or anything. My hair used to be so thick and full of volume and life, but in the last few months my hair has just started to fall out & right from the roots too. What can i do to make my roots/follicles/hair stronger??
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I want to make my hair strenghten. What should I do ?
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I haven't tried this myself, but I've been told that Mane n' Tail shampoo/conditioner is great for thickening up hair. It takes about a month to see results, but I've been told it works! And yes, this used to be for horses, but they reformulated it for humans

Ok so I fell overwhelmed with all the information here. I'm very good with finding stuff on the cite either so that doesn't help.

I have a few questions. Do you cowash everyday? I have a greasy/oily complexion and had to wash everyday before I started CG today. Also, to go along with that question, what is the daily routine? I don't have long hair so I can't do the pineapple thing so don't I have to wet it every time?

sorry I'm just so confused
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Well usually, a greasy/oily complexion is caused by your scalp overproducing oil in an effort to make up for the dryness. (Hope that makes sense). I personally don't cowash every day - I use a sulfate free shampoo every few days and a sulfate shampoo every few weeks to get rid of buildup. I don't have short hair, so I can't answer your pineapple question, but here's a thread that might help!

Hello curlies! =)

6. Leave in

A lot of people just use their cowash conditioner as a “leave-in” conditioner. Basically, you scrunch a small amount of conditioner into your hair after you're out of the shower. This is step one of your "base coat" (as Rudeechick calls it).
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Is this your conditioner that you use to scrub your scalp clean or the conditioner that is used to soften your hair? I am sorry if this is a repeat question. I am very new to this.
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Several ways to look at this. Usually people use a cheap conditioner to cowash with, and then they use something more nutrient-rich and thick as a leave in/conditioner. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions
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