Is this even possible?

I used a thick, deep treatment conditioner two nights ago and ended up with dry, frizzy hair - much, much worse than before using this product. Today I washed my hair with conditioner and things were no better, plus my curls were limp. Then I noticed the conditioner, which I had never used before, also has olive oil in it.

Both of these products are up to CG ingredient standards.

I've always thought OO to be oily or too heavy if anything, which could account for the limp curls, but I am stumped on the dryness. Could it really be that my hair and olive oil just do not get along?
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My hair absolutely hates EVOO, but loves other oils like sweet almond, jojoba and coconut.

If I read the original post correctly, you didn't put straight EVOO on your hair, but a deep conditioner that contained it. If you haven't used the product before, are there other ingredients in it that you either haven't used before or haven't responded well to? Since you haven't listed your hair properties or the product you used, it's hard to offer any insight.
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