The light, birch colored one, with the low-backed chairs with horizontal slats. It's difficult to find smaller, lightweight, low backed dining chairs here. There'll all so huge, sized for formal dining rooms, though no one lives that way anymore. Do you know what else I loved? Front-load small washing machines. I was so thrilled when I bought this small condo & it came with a Brit-style washer.

I think straight hair suits some curlies at different points in their lives. A 3B friend of mine just got tired of dealing with her curls in super-humid Florida when she was a busy young mother. She finallly had the gentle chemical softener done, so she can do a blow-out at home that lasts her 3 days. It just made her life easier. Now that her boys are older, she is returning to curly.
3B, bra-strap length
laidback, very-modified CGer
HG: GF Sleek 'n Shine Leave-in; Alagio