Hi Gretchen,

Let me start with I love Naturally Curly.com.

I wonder if anyone has tried the As I Am line. I have tried the Coconut CoWash. I really like this product. It is very creamy and really conditions and cleanses my hair. My hair is highlighted, blonde and frizzy. It makes my hair look great and is easy on the wallet. Today was really humid and I used this to wash, then used Darcy's Vanilla Delight leave in. Then I used Sprial Solution Curl Enhancing Gel (which I love) and topped it off with Giovani's LA Natural Styling Gel, which is the only gel for me in humid weather. It is better, in my opinion, than Quidad's Control Gel and a lot cheaper. I have ordered As I Am leave in and the Cleansing Pudding since directions said to alternate them. I will let you know my progress.