Hi Chocolate Curls,
Here's a list of products that I use at this moment ( I just started a modified version of CG in Sept. so I'm always on the search for finding the best things out there for my hair) HTH!

(Products may be subject to change..I'm fickle!)
Shampoo: Elucence
Conditioner: White Rain EB, sometimes Elucence
Leave-in: Redken Butter Treat + Jojoba + Olive oil
Detangler: White Rain EB
Moisturizer: jojoba and olive oil
Gel: right now I'm using Artec control gel, Redken Hardware Gel
Curl definer:Boots Essentials CC
Deep Conditioner: Ouidad Deep Treat, rotate w/ Redken Butter
Protein Conditioner/Reconstructor:Ouidad DT
Shine product:jojoba and olive oil

I'm starting to like the Artec Control gel because it gives really good hold and it's CG safe..it also got good reviews on the curl products. I like it better than the Redken Hardware gel (too strong of a smell)
Hating my 3b/c curls lately...
Products that I want to try in the future: Ojon Restorative Treatment