i'm with poopsie-- it pissed me off that they didn't tell us if he actually did it or not. however, IMHO, i'm going to be unpopular and say i think the guy was not guilty. i think the girl had a lot of mental health issues and was certainly disturbed, but not a rape victim. at least not now-- maybe she was a victim of rape/sexual abuse early in life and that's why she's so messed up now? she just seemed a little bit too manipulative to be telling the truth: i.e., accusing elliot of groping her, "trying to kill herself" when she knew the female detective was on her way. MAYBE she was trying to get back at her roommate for something? or the teacher for saying her portfolio was bad? it seems as though she certainly studied symptoms of rape victims though because she did exhibit symptoms. it's tricky, and i guess we'll never know for sure!!!!
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