so I'm going to be a senior next school year and something I really want to work on is wearing my hair down and loose everyday because this past school year, I wore my hair in a bun everyday because of how unmanageable and frizzy it was.

Well, I'm getting my hair cut soon because of senior pictures and I want to wear my hair natural. Only problem is that in the past all I've gotten were hair cuts made for people with straight hair or those who straighten their hair everyday; and that's not me. Besides the cuts have made my hair weirdly uneven and it doesn't look too good.

To try and solve my problem I did some research and found Ouidad's carve and slice technique and the Deva Curl technique.

I also found some not so reassuring reviews on the carve and slice and have found so much more good reviews on the Deva Cut, so I've decided to go with that. Only problem is, I don't know where to go.

I would like a salon close to the Columbus area, though I would also like your guys' feedback to see if any of you know of a great salon and what your experience was like.