The frizz can be minimized by rubbing and raking down the hair with watered down product which helps it to adhere to adjacent clumps.

I will describe my "Puddle and Ribbon" method for achieving tightly detangled, flawless depth and ultra defined curls.

NO-COMBING is the secret of the naturally curly trade. I've noticed less topical frizz by eliminating detangling of my hair by comb. Use the ribboning effect I mention below to detangle while adding product.

Ive also implemented NO-SCRUNCH into my routine. I will only scrunch after my hair is completely dry and only on second or third day. Scrunching gives me results that I only want when trying to stretch a day between washes.

1) Never detangle in shower with comb or minimize down to once a month when using comb on wet conditioned hair. Curls like to be free to wrap around and cup adjacent curls. The constant detangling only reverses any work done to promote noticeably healthy curl patterns.

2) Never use any device, fabric, or cloth of any type to dry. Get up early enough to cowash hair so it can air dry in time.

I have a specific method for cowashing but that's for another day.

3) Style hair immediately after cowashing while its still dripping wet and continue to add a little water with hands between adding styling products. The products soak up the water and if you don't add more water then you will invite topical frizz. Also, adding water helps distribute the product.

4) 1st stying product to add is conditioner again. I prefer a deep moisturizing conditioner because I use protein conditioner as my cowash product and also because I add protein again later with gel. The protein rebuilds the hair and the moisture helps keep it from drying out. I also have another step for oiling scalp with coconut oil so the conditioners don't settle and dry on the scalp which can add to hair loss.

Begin to apply conditioner by puddling it in your hand and then reaching into the hair and grabbing hair at the curl bed (scalp). With a semi-tight hold start to coat the clumped hair with conditioner as you pull hand back out toward tip of hair strands. This can be done swiftly after you get the hang of it. Focus on sides and use extra product on back of head and even more on the hair region 3 inches above neck line.

5) The 2nd product is your curl enhancer. I'm currently digging the Kinky Curly Curling Custard KCCC so I add small amount similar to the previous step. This will coat the conditioner while sealing it into the hair. I don't scrunch! The tight pulling from root to tip will curl the hair similar to ribboning with ribbon and scissors.

6) Final product is protein gel. Protein gel is excellent for cone-free regiments. By going cone-free you allow the protein to penetrate instead of immediately caking up as white lumpy buildup that sits on top of the silicones. I apply the protein gel similar to the previous methods of "puddling and ribboning" this time the harder gel will seal in the curl enhancer and the conditioner.


The removal of silicones or being cone-free is definitely starting to show results. My hair looks shiny and healthy. The main benefit is my hair is not unnecessarily thick and moisture of any kind now works for me (and not unpredictably) as it seems to soak into the hair and not just sit on top.

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