Thought I should bump this thread because of all the interest in BB's Mudd. I did make a second batch of okra gel, mixed it up and put it in the freezer in my usual 4 oz portions.

The second time around, I did 1/2 c okra, 1 t of marshmallow and 1 cup of water. I boiled it and strained. I tried to see if it would make more gel, so I added water and kept boiling it and straining it. I did it a few times. It made a lot of gel. For every cup of gel, I added 1 t magnesium chloride, 1/2 t honeyquat, 1 t hydroethylcellulose, a few drops of EO for fragrance and 1/4 t of Vit E. I put in a few drops of preservative.

The "natural" okra gel has an "earthy" scent. I didn't think it was great the first time I used it. It spoiled very quickly, even with some preservative in it. I got a pm asking me if I had the Mudd, which reminded me that I should try it again. I defrosted some and added a few more drops of preservative to see if it would last longer.

Yesterday, I tried it again. I used MD Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie as my leave in and a lot of the okra gel. I think I scrunched it out a little prematurely and caused some frizz. Overall, my hair looked really good (there was a little more frizz then usual.) The curls were tight, volume was good and it felt like I didn't have any product in it! It stayed nicely all day--and looked even better when I was ready to go to sleep last night. Our dewpoints were in the high 60's and the weather guy said it was oppressive yesterday. I think that speaks pretty highly of this stuff.

There's a lot to say for this stuff. It's MUCH easier to make then FSG. Just as cheap (of course, you have to find okra.) Straining isn't difficult at all. The biggest issue is that you really have to use preservative with it. I just don't think it will last--even in the refrigerator.
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