Sorry for the teen' speak! The entire title didn't fit.

The question in English is:

Do you use the same brand of shampoo (and/or washing conditioner) as you do conditioner and product?

What is your current routine and what type of curls do you have?

I am a fine 3A with some 2A ans some 3B mixed in just for fun.

I'm currently using a combo of the Matrix Curl.Life Set('poo/cond/curl milk) and VO5 Kiwi as a washing conditioner. It's funny they are all light green.

However, I found an old travel size of Ouidad Curl Quencher 'poo and I like that better than the Matrix 'poo. I like the Matrix conditioner and curl milk better than Ouidad Curl Quencher Conditioner and Climate Control.

This made me wonder how brand loyal my fellow curlies are.

PS: My routine at the moment - wash with Kiwi conditioner daily, wash scalp with 'poo about twice/week follow wash with conditioner - rinse out. Add a little bit on the ends as a leave-in and use curl milk, put front up in clips, scrunch and air dry. This works for LA "winter" days but I am still trying to figure out how to work the Santa Anas. UGH!
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