Hi ... I've been lurking on this board for the past week - trying to find good, first hand reviews on which of the 'brazilian blowout' treatments I should get.

I have curly (spiral type) hair - can't figure out if I'm a type 2 c or 3a/b ... but I have really long hair, so the curls are only defined if I shower, let it air dry and only the bottom half of my hair will be curly - if I had short hair, I'm sure it will be curly.

I straighten my hair about 95% of the time, and the blowdry/straightening takes me 35 minutes each morning I'm concidering getting this treatment done ...but am confused about the different types of this product. From what I gather Coopla ? is the best ?

IF so, if this is the most highly recommended, how do I find a salon that offers this brand? I live in a small town, so I'd have to go to the city to do it, just wondering if I should call around, and ask 'what straightening services do you offer?' ... I guess the Brazilian Blowout seems to be the worst brand?! I've had so many stylists want to do that on my hair as I'm apparently the 'perfect candidate' ?