CC- don't you have Ikea over there? Wondering if maybe you should come back beimg that you miss all the creature comforts
See I think I would prefer a top loader, no bending down, or fighting the washing when you've overloaded slightly and trying to shut the door without breaking your foot.

Anyway my poopy hair. It hasn't loosedened in pregnancy, but I'm bored of having to go though the whole procedure every other day in the evening and I can't go to bed with it damp because it will look awful so I have to blow dry it anyway. Blowdrying it curly can take 2 hours becuase it has to be dripping wet when I start.
With the blow-out it's still good this morning its lasted 4 days and will probably go till monday or tuesday.

The logic is simple but on the other hand I look so different with straight hair I can work out if I look nicer or worse
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