I'll try that.

Hey how much relaxed hair do you have left? Like in inches? I'm behind on the trimming so I have more than necessary lol

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It's different depending upon where in my head you are looking. Lol. In the very middle of my head its all completely natural, in the very front bang area its like a half inch of permed ends left, in the rest of my head it varies as well...some parts there are like 2 & 3 inches left.

My hair just grows unevenly (the rt grows slower than the left) & then you take shrinkage into account, its no wonder I have different lengths all over my head!

However I really don't think it matters so much about the trimming of your hair. If you are taking really good care of your hair then you won't need to dust/trim alot, so then you would be hanging onto your relaxed ends a little longer anyway. I used to dust on a set schedule (which was a bad idea) however now I just dust my ends whenever I see they need to be done.
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