Yay! I love this! God knows we need the support. Because there are days when you get so desperate with the hair that you just wanna chop it all off.
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Lol. Yes I know! I get the urge pretty often now to just chop but then when I think about not being able to put my hair into a bun I quickly change my mind.

Sometimes I would chop (& I do mean chop) out of frustration (not due to my hair not cooperating but emotional frustration) & now I'm mad bc I think about where I would have been if I had never done it. No point in crying over spilled milk, however I still dream! Lol.
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The not being able to put my hair up, specially now that it's hot it's exactly what's keeping me from cutting my hair. My new growth is about 4 inches but it looks much shorter than that because it is sooo curly. So I know that if I cut a lot of hair it'll take me forever to grow it to where I have it now. I'll probably just cut big chunks several times instead of doing one big chop. I have a dilemma between my curls and my length. I either cut it really short now and rock my very beautiful but very short curls or I keep my long hair with two very different textures...
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Let's hear it for beautiful curls!!!