I have long curly hair with unfortunetly lots of frizz. Last year I had the Keratin done and Ulta Salon for about 200.00 not including the products to buy with it. This treatment lasted a good 5 months in my hair and only took about 2 hours to do. Keratin did not take all my curl away either but gave it a soft beach wave which I've always loved! Also, ZERO frizz - air or blow dryed. So this year I called back to Ulta to have it redone for the summer, didn't want to deal with that humidity frizz. They said they no longer did the keratin because the employees didn't like to breathe it in, understandable. They said they had the Brocato treatment which is better than the Keratin treatment. I paid 200.00 plus product and it took almost 3.5 hours to do. Lots of steps to it. I didn't wash my hair for 48 hours like instructed. I was super excited to see how my hair would do after the first wash. I used the blow dryer and.. no difference, no difference at all. I went back to the salon they looked at my hair and agreed it didn't work, but they said they treatment helped my hair feel better and smoother. Whatever. So moral of the story don't confuse it with the Keratin or similar treatments. They are totally different and in my opinion the Keratin is 1000 times better.

P.S this is the first review I have ever left in my life. That is how dissapointed I am.

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