Yes, I love you. Care a whole lot about you. But you ain't the only man on the planet. We had lots of potential, but the sex left a lot to be desired. I totally respected the fact that you "weren't ready" to start a relationship. I never sweated you, didn't call you ten times a day. Never, ever, ever. Never even broached the subject with you. You gave us the label "friends". Had you known better you would've found another word to describe us, cause to be my friend you have to rise above, my brotha! My friends (male and female) are the best people on earth. They take care of me, and I them. I love them. I tell them so. Yes, I am blessed to have this kind of love in my life. Too bad you can't be a part of this....

Does it make you feel good to be a man who only knows how to take and not give? I am a great person, and any moron on the street would be honored to be my man or date me, but not you. Are you slow? LOL. How dare you try to keep me on hold! I'll share my great cooking with someone else. I invite someone else to all the great shows I have access to. I can talk and hang out with any damn body.

Rest assured, I will gnaw my own hand off before I pick up the phone to EVER call you again. Don't hate you at all. But its got to be done. You have lots of admirers, I know. But the void will only be bigger without me in the equation. You admitted the rest of the h*es got on your nerves.

Your ex is somewhere giving he*d to somebody else. Get over it!
"Don't play me...I'm over 30, and I don't smoke weed"