I just wanted to offer my words of encouragement to all the long-term transitioners. I transitioned for about 18 months and I wish I had seen a thread like this during that time. I also wish I had taken more pics so I could look back on the progress I had made. I'm taking pics now tho...I have a long way to go before I reach the length that I'm comfortable with.

@ RealChic:
I'd say most of my tangles/knots are due to dead hair falling out and tangling with the surrounding hairs. I could easily rock a twist out for over a week without detangling my hair...but on wash day, I pay for it. So, I try not to go more than 5 days w/o detangling.

I have found that detangling dry relaxed hair is fine, but doing the same to natural hair is To avoid some (but not all ) of my tangles, I started detangling in the shower. A good thick conditioner will give you slip and if you comb/brush through your hair while standing under the water, the stream of H20 will rinse away some of those shedding hairs. If your hair is shoulder length or longer, you might have to detangle in 4-5 sections.

Also, your hair might be craving moisture...you might want to try a deep conditioning treatment and see if that has an impact on the number of tangles you get.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I deep condition every wash, but I don't sit under a hooded dryer. Maybe that would help out too.

And since you mentioned twist-outs, I'd love to wear that style, but it looks like garbage when I do it. I need to find something with hold that's not a gel.

I'll probably go to the BSS today to look around. When I do them, they are fat at the roots and crinkly at the ends. The different textures kill it imo. But I still try it. Will likely attempt some kind of twist out tonight...just to end up with a loose bun tomorrow. smh