I've owned a Denman brush for years, but never used it on myself, so this wet use method is one I'll have to try!

I can understand why it would work well. What you're trying to accomplish is getting the hair to line up together perfectly smoothly. A big toothed comb or fingers will not remove 100% of the tangles and let the hair schlerp back together smoothly, and then find it's own ringlet (what I think clumps means) I found using a finer comb could do this but with a lot of extra work, and not in thick sections. The Denman sounds like exactly the right thing if you have the right hair type. I'm guessing any 3's or less would do well but that more than a 3c wouldn't, due to much stronger springiness.

Rudeechick I watched your awesome video.. well done!!! You luckily have thick hair, which I lack.. My thinner hair would is way too flat on top. The one thing I could suggest for people like me is my upside down method.

Instead of combing hair out straight down and then out sideways, I bend all the way over so my head is totally upside down and comb my hair through, right from the roots, with products well distributed. I do this in the shower, so if my hair is not wet enough to form those natural water-and-product-made coils, I add more water til it drips through and pulls the hairs together. The upside down method means that your hair is lining up at 90 degrees to your scalp, giving it maximum lift. I scrunch up my hair then squeeze out some of the extra moisture very gently without disturbing the coils. Then I flip my head and hair back and it falls with the curly coils starting right from the roots on the top of my head.

Doing this with FSG is awesome because I find that I need about three hand-fulls of gel to get enough hold... and this added wetness makes the coils really rock.

Looking forward to trying the Denman tomorrow! Will report back...