I'm a republican
I think if you forget about stance, it's all about the money.
I agree where republicans put their money (SOMETIMES) but I tend to think the whole government sucks because of lobbyists.
Anywho. As for MY stances, I'm an openminded republican.
I am ALL FOR GAY MARRIAGE. I was actually engaged to a female. I wanted to spend my life with her , but she sadly cheated on me :/
Wonderful right?
And I am pro life, but I believe abortion should be legal. Just don't make me pay for your choice, and I won't judge you to each their own.
I believe HEAVILY in transgendered rights. I KNOW it's scientifically proven that gender is decided in utero. (mind you, gender and sex are COMPLETELY different...)

Anywho. While I agree that most republicans can be narrow-minded , I also believe it is... Well... Ignorant to generalize.

Hehe okay, I'm done typing for now! Lol!

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