De-lurking to play along! (Hi everyone!)

I first tried CG/modified CG 6 years ago, and it did not work for me at. ALL. Most of the products available at the time didn't suit my hair properties, but I had no idea what hair properties even were then, LOL! No one was talking about things like porosity yet, not to mention dewpoints and how to work with them. All I knew was that my hair scorned everything I tried - it was like, if everyone else loved it, my hair would hate it. I ended up using a combo of B&b and Davines products for awhile (without a whole lot of success), then eventually surrendered completely and cut it off.

So I would say the most significant thing I've learned is what my hair properties are. If there are any complete newbies reading this, I know it's been said before, but I cannot stress how important this is: curl pattern really only matters inasmuch as it relates to dryness, so don't worry about it too much. Your hair texture, porosity, and elasticity, plus the climate where you live, are way more important.

Other things!

*My hair loves cowashing as long as I use the right stuff *hugs bottle of CJ DF tight* Suave Naturals Coconut can GTH.

*It needs way more moisture than I ever thought, but again, it has to be the right kind. Butters and heavy oils are full of fail. Aloe and lighter oils are full of W1N.

*It also needs protein on a regular basis or it starts to look dejected.

*NEVER AGAIN ACV RINSES. Ditto soap bars.

*It's more important to me that my hair looks healthy, soft and touchable than perfectly defined and wurly (spellcheck suggests surly - no, definitely don't want that either!

"I've learned that waves, and not curls all over, are okay too.
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Cosign!! (Perhaps the hardest lesson!)
Too wavy to be curly, too curly to be wavy
Fine (some exceptions may apply), low porosity (ditto), proudly rockin' my premature silver/white
More please: EVOO, honey
Nuh-uh: heavy oils and butters, ACV, soap bars, olefin sulfonate, protein

GVP CB, CJ BC Argan & Olive Oil, and CJ CIAB for the W1N!