De-lurking to play along! (Hi everyone!)

*My hair loves cowashing as long as I use the right stuff *hugs bottle of CJ DF tight* Suave Naturals Coconut can GTH.

*It needs way more moisture than I ever thought, but again, it has to be the right kind. Butters and heavy oils are full of fail. Aloe and lighter oils are full of W1N.

*It also needs protein on a regular basis or it starts to look dejected.

*NEVER AGAIN ACV RINSES. Ditto soap bars.

*It's more important to me that my hair looks healthy, soft and touchable than perfectly defined and wurly (spellcheck suggests surly - no, definitely don't want that either!

"I've learned that waves, and not curls all over, are okay too.
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Cosign!! (Perhaps the hardest lesson!)
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I just ordered CJ daily fix (along with some other CJ products...I've loved every single product that I've trid from this line). Just like you i also discovered that my hair needed way more moisture than I thought. When I used to straighten my hair this wasn't a problem. But now I find myself applying oils every other day if i spend more than 3 days without washing my hair.
Hair: 3a, normal porosity and elasticity
My hair loves: Vatika and Bhringraj oils, adores henna.
My HGs: Bobeam's shampoo bars, CJAO, CJRM, Original Moxie's Hair Bling, Terressentials,

Let's hear it for beautiful curls!!!