I was always made fun of through school because my hair was just huge and curly and my mother could never do anything with it at all..fortunately, my mom didn't make me feel worse then the kids at school did..she always had slightly wavy hair and it was always big (80s) so she didn't make me feel too bad..all the torment I had to endure has made me hair crazy nowadays..I always try to find ways to make my hair bigger and more gorgeous and thankfully, I get alot of compliments on it now..eff it, as long as I love my hair, who cares
in the pursuit of hair happiness

Weekly Shampoo:: CHI (Sulfate & Paraben Free one)
Leave In:: Kinky Curly Knot Today
Random Styling ::: KCCC / Coconut Oil / LA Looks Sport, Denman, Diffuser (LSLH) & Lots and lots of MetaGrip bobby's!