Hey Rusycurly! Hope you love the Daily Fix! I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first because every previous attempt at co-washing was a total bomb for me, but this stuff really truly does what everyone says - cleans the scalp, gets the length of your hair clean without stripping, and leaves it super nice and moisturized. I have less (zero, actually!) scalp gunk than I've ever had with any product ever and my hair looks and feels soooooooo much healthier. Totally HG for me, and I've NEVER had an HG anything!

*ahem* sorry! As you were, everybody!
Too wavy to be curly, too curly to be wavy
Fine (some exceptions may apply), low porosity (ditto), proudly rockin' my premature silver/white
More please: EVOO, honey
Nuh-uh: heavy oils and butters, ACV, soap bars, olefin sulfonate, protein

GVP CB, CJ BC Argan & Olive Oil, and CJ CIAB for the W1N!