My manager has the nerve to ask me "what happened to your hair?!" everytime he sees me.

Last week he asked me, I was rocking a braided wash n go frohawk...dude had the NERVE to ask me if it was done.

I said...what do you mean by "what happened to my hair?...and YES it's done!"...he had nothing else to say.

But I have to keep in mind that I'm blessed to even have a job right now bc I've been informed that he never wanted to hire black ppl in the first place.

AND he's Hispanic!!!

I'll never understand what it is about the hair that grows out of the head of a Black person that offends ppl.

It's THAT powerful, huh?? Well...I like my hair big. Always fact it FITS me.

I didn't realize white ppl had so many good/bad hair issues either! Although I used to work with a white girl that relaxed her hair.

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