Are you trying to go lighter? If not, you won't need to remove the old color, just start using the RC. If the old color is darker than your natural, then yes you could strip it with ColorFix.

I use Light Chestnut on my roots (trading off with Golden Chestnut) and it gets pretty dark. I can help you find a good color if you let me know which RC swatch best matches your natural color that you're trying to get back to. As most haircolor goes darker on curlies, especially with processed hair, you will need to choose a color about 2-3 shades lighter to start out. You can always go darker if needed but it's better than getting too dark. And it often works out without any adjustment.

LMK if you'd like some help.
Originally Posted by CurliLocks
Yes, some help would be much appreciated. I contacted the RC site and they suggested I start with the ash blonde which shocked me. Maybe you'll agree though.

OK...started getting few grays and thinking, "Gosh, my hair is kinda mousy looking. I wonder if you loose color as you age. But wait there are a few red ones in there. Go figure". This was out in the sunshine. So I picked up a neutral light brown and whoa, did I have red (when wet my hair looked orange by my scalp)! Yikes. Not what I wanted. Then I realized I should have gone with a cool base. I tried a light ash brown from Sally's which really seemed darker than I really am (and got comments like, "oh, you dyed your hair darker". I have had the salon do my hair and it gets plenty brown, but too brown and fades to a coppery look. Which is what I have again now after a failed attempt at a Loreal Kit that included highlights.

Am I to understand that the RC won't fade and you just have to touch up your roots? Because at this point it sounds awesome. I think from their colors online that I am either a light chesnut or golden chesnut naturally. From the description of the Golden Brown "It is our most popular shade and a good one to try when looking for a medium to dark brown", I think that is darker than I really am.

What do you think?
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